There are many mattress brands and types on the market today. Making a decision on what type of mattress will work best for you can be difficult! At Mattress Store Coral Springs we make that decision a little easier by providing you only the best name brands and the most popular mattress types available! The right mattress for you will be directly dependent on what your specific needs are such as health issues, comfort level, and size.

If you have a bad back, mobility issues, or other health related problems, you will want to focus on mattresses that make your sleep as comfortable as possible. You may consider adjustable beds, memory foam, or the traditional innerspring mattresses.

The comfort level of a mattress can vary from very rigid and firm to pillowy soft. This is probably the most important decision when choosing a mattress. We always suggest laying on a mattress and getting into your preferred sleeping position to ensure your comfort before purchasing any mattress because you may be drawn to a particular type but it may not be the best option for your body.

Depending on if you sleep alone or with a partner or if you are purchasing a mattress for a child or young adult will determine the minimum size that you would need to consider when purchasing a mattress. We stock all sizes on the market from Twins, Twin XL, Doubles, Queens, Kings, and California Kings.

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We have a local delivery service for all of our customers with same day deliver options! Forget the hassle of trying to tie your new mattress to the top of the car! We will deliver to you in the comfort of your home, help you set it up, and remove the old mattress you are replacing!


Purchasing a new mattress or bedroom furniture is a big investment! We stand by our products and offer excellent warranties and service plans for all items purchased with us. For more information on our guarantees, please call or stop by today!

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